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Why XPES badminton court light ?

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1, the metal halide lamp: metal halide lamp used to believe that customers know Arena, badminton hall, then applied to the metal halide, especially dazzling light, coupled with its performance problems, resulting in great power, and a troubled the problem is that usually requires a long start-up time for the badminton hall can be described as very practical.
2, discharge lamp: Most T5 straight tube energy-saving lamps are a combination of a lot of clients that they previously used one-sided row of lights, also used double-sided row of lights, but a lot of players come to reflect with the ball between the brightness often poor light, not only dazzling, but also affect the level of competition.
3, high-power energy-saving lamps: Now badminton stadium lighting, the majority of 6U and 8U, and there are some sports venues using 10U and 12U (8 hours a day in the life of less than one year). I believe used the customers know, saving lamps heat up very quickly, good thermal performance, with a long time often lead lamps burn out, causing a lot of lamp replacement costs and labor and maintenance costs.
4, LED: As we all know, belongs LED light source, people in pursuit of brightness, often reinforce the LED blue light intensity, the longer lighting time, the faster the decay phosphor which led to more intense blue band of light the human eye and thus the contact person. eye damage. In addition, for a long time we need to focus on visual observation of badminton shuttlecock trajectory athletes, prolonged exposure to LED easy to produce dizziness in the eye during an uncomfortable feeling, and even long-term use will become eye injury, so that the chances of suffering from eye disease will be increased.
5, XPES badminton court light: High luminous efficiency (saving 50%), soft light (specific stadium diffuse lighting), long life (warranty of six years), no flicker, no glare, etc., in this badminton hall lighting a field has been recognized by our customers.

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