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How about the quality of the XPES high power ultraviolet lamp?

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The total production of customer asked XPES Promise how expensive UV germicidal lamp, we now come to you to explain our Promise UV germicidal lamp exactly how.
XPES China is currently one of the best professional production of high-power, long-life, industrial high ozone and ozone-free UV germicidal lamp Promise manufacturers, producing high-technology research and development, product performance praised by customers.
XPES Promise UV germicidal lamp works by inductively coupled electromagnetic field into the light, so that avalanche ionization of gas inside the bulb, forming a plasma. Etc. Examples of irradiated when the excited atoms return to the ground state UV bulb inner wall of the phosphors excited by ultraviolet rays to produce visible light. XPES UV germicidal lamp UV germicidal lamp contrast with ordinary, ordinary UV lamp life of only 7,8 one thousand hours, and XPES UV germicidal lamp life of up to 60,000 -10 million hours, ballast 24,000 hours service life is also about, really to achieve long-life meaning. Light intensity is 3 times the normal UV light enough to replace some of the hundreds of environmental protection equipment in ordinary UV lamp, in addition to the stench efficient, powerful disinfection. At the same time, no secondary pollution, wide application, to overcome the structural shortcomings of traditional equipment can not be avoided, highly safe and stable operation of the device, convenient management and maintenance, is a prime choice for customers.
Tips last one, high-intensity ultraviolet light on the human eye has a direct injury, do not look.

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