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How to choose UV germicidal lamp?

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UV germicidal lamp has been widely applications, including industrial waste water, drinking water, environmental protection equipment, farm waste gas treatment, water treatment and other aquatic areas. For the use of different places, different use of the environment, of course, choose a different UV germicidal lamp, here for everyone to introduce a selection of UV germicidal lamp water treatment methods:
1. UV germicidal lamp power of choice
Environmental protection equipment, the application of high-power high-intensity ultraviolet germicidal lamp is necessary, because if you use a large number of UV germicidal lamp, the number of electrical appliances are much more complex lines, the control section is also more complex, often bad a UV germicidal lamp, we should stop replacement, repair, and less power electrodeless UV lamps and ballasts use the number, the probability will rarely broken.
2. UV germicidal lamp Brand Selection
Exhaust gas treatment industry, the operation of environmental protection equipment are based on the needs of enterprises and work, and sometimes have to use for 24 hours while the water treatment industry, the device is usually 24/7 mode, which the ultraviolet germicidal lamp life have certain requirements, the Star Cape Promise UV germicidal lamp, no electrodes, germicidal lamp life longer than an ordinary UV. If the air disinfection, ordinary UV lamp can also be replaced at any time, but if in water treatment, an ordinary UV germicidal lamp broken, usually affects the entire device, system, and may even affect other water systems and users. So select star Cape Promise UV germicidal lamp, long life, energy saving more.
And domestic products compared, XPES lamp UV germicidal lamp in life has an absolute advantage, the UV germicidal lamp life can be up to 5-7 million hours of service life of the ballast up to 20,004 one thousand hours , more than three times the strength of ordinary UV germicidal lamp, 14 months of continuous work without problems and with excellent results. XPES focus on the production of high-power UV lamp germicidal lamp 7 years for you to reduce operating costs and extend sterilization time, so air and water treatment UV germicidal product best brand.

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