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XPES high power uv lamp for electroplating factory processing ODOR

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XPES high power uv lamp for electroplating factory processing ODOR
Electroplating production process are likely to produce dust emissions, waste gas acidic, alkaline waste gas, chromium-containing gas, nitrogen oxide gas, cyanide and other toxic exhaust emissions. Here I come with you to talk about the hazards and deal with these exhaust gases.
1, the exhaust gas dust: mainly produced by sandblasting, grinding and polishing and other processes, containing sand, metal oxides and fibrous dust, such exhaust gas not only pollute the air, but also on practitioners throat, lung damage .
2, acid gas: As a result of hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid and other acidic substances, the light produced by a chemical polishing process. Such as: hydrogen chloride, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen fluoride, hydrogen sulfide and other gases and phosphoric acid mist, with a strong irritant gas, the operator of the throat, trachea and lungs harm. Also corrosion of plant and equipment, pollution of the atmosphere or the formation of acid rain.
3, the basic exhaust gas: electroplating process using sodium hydroxide, sodium carbonate and sodium phosphate and other alkaline substances, due to the heating process are: degreasing chemical, electrochemical degreasing, electroplating and strong alkaline cyanide plating. Alkaline Spray operator throat, trachea, lung irritation great.
4, the chromium waste gas: produced in chrome plating process. Chrome fog highly toxic and corrosive, to cause great harm to humans and the environment and pollution, chrome fog inhaled through the respiratory tract, respiratory tract irritation and corrosion, can cause severe nasal lesions, such as acute rhinitis, nasal perforation , pharyngitis and bronchitis, skin long-term exposure to chromium fog, can cause dermatitis or eczema, chrome fog also teratogenic, mutagenic and carcinogenic.
5, nitrogen oxide exhaust gas: in a solution containing nitric acid pickling, acid gas and light polishing and other processes arising from the nitric oxide into the blood through the respiratory system, invasion of red blood cells and hemoglobin role, causing blood poisoning, but also on central nervous system paralysis, high concentrations of inhaled nitric oxide can cause death in animals, toxicity, nitrogen dioxide and nitrogen tetroxide than 3-4 times larger nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide, the main damage to human mucous membranes, respiratory system and nervous system, higher concentrations will make people cough, coughing up blood, and thus lead to pneumonia, pleural effusion or even suffocation. In addition, the nervous system can also cause damage.
6, cyanide gas: produced by electroplating cyanide, cyanide such as copper, zinc and gold imitation. Cyanide case of acid reaction, can produce more toxic hydrogen cyanide gas inhalation trace can cause human doom.
Exhaust gas treatment methods:
Guangdong XPES high power uv lamp used in the field of exhaust gas treatment equipment, use of high energy irradiation of an ultraviolet light in ozone UV malodorous gases, such as changing the malodorous gases: ammonia, trimethylamine, hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen sulfide, methyl mercaptan, dimethyl sulfide, di a disulfide, carbon disulfide, and the molecular structure of the styrene chain, sulfide H2S, VOC such as benzene, toluene, xylene, organic or inorganic polymer molecular chain of malodorous compounds, in high-energy ultraviolet light beam, into low molecular weight degradation compounds, such as CO2, H2O and the like.
High-energy and high ozone Guangdong XPES high power uv lamp beam splitter oxygen molecules in the air to generate free oxygen (ie, reactive oxygen species), because free oxygen carried by electrons and positrons balance to be combined with oxygen molecules, and produce ozone. UV + O2 → O- + O * (active oxygen) O + O2 → O3 (ozone), ozone is known to have strong oxidation of organic matter, odorous gases and other irritating odor have an immediate scavenging effect.
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