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How to make the experience just like playing in the professional badminton court?

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A lot of customers just operate a new badminton hall and they will be very confused that they know what the future of their court is, now let us unlock secrets:
First, we have to analyze the professional arena features:
1, set up a professional badminton arena and technical training programs, courses;
2, professional venue professional setting, the field area and the seating area distribution is reasonable;
3, the arena has a professional services area experience, allowing customers to experience the "professional";
4, the usage of professional badminton hall lighting, with professional badminton hall lighting design;
This court, we can be called a professional badminton hall. Professional arena requires a professional badminton hall lights, which is the most important part to enhance your arena grade! I believe do the above points, you must be a professional arena, to the customer experience must also be professional!
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