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Which Grow Light Is Right For Me?

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induction lamps for growing

The medicinal plants grow lights you choose are definitely not the only factor that will affect your growing success and yields.
But... when all other factors are equal, the general rule for growing medicinal plants is that more light = more buds. But there is a point where there's too much light.


Magnetic Induction Grow Lights : Do it work?

1,Patented product XPES induction grow lights are having a number of national professional organizations certified, meaning that others can not copy our products you want, only we have here;

2, XPES induction lights for growing are having a rated life of up to 100,000 hours of lighting fixtures, lamps take a long time for some of the factories, workshops, warehouses, and Arena, the induction grow lights factory will be your company's employees and future essential for development partners, the lights in the factory, the business will not be bad;

3, XPES induction grow lights with a wide selection of products, induction grow lights not only suitable ALUMINUM, furniture factory and other plants, is also suitable for badminton hall, tennis court lighting and other high demand for places, and there are applicable roads, tunnels, squares, billboards, community garden, docks, office buildings, plant growth and other places of professional studio lighting;

4, XPES induction super grow light  are cost effective laws, taking into account the energy savings and maintenance costs, induction grow lights gives you and your special project developed a set of energy-saving programs not only help you save money, help you save money , but also help you to make money. Why also help you make money? Since the late induction grow lights maintenance, warranty 5 years, eliminating the need for you to invite maintenance labor and maintenance costs, which is not to help you make money yet? ;

5, XPES induction grow lights have a high CRI (color rendering index)> 80 to improve visual recognition, no glare, no glare, no flicker, for a long time need to be exposed in the light irradiation range of the human eye, it is very important , some plant workers because of the light and lead to impaired eye sight. Induction grow lights can give you more health workers better visual experience, let your workers that you praise;

6, XPES magnetic induction grow lights can be maintained at a temperature range of - 40 ℃ + 100 ℃, which in some lamps have higher demands for regional, environmental, induction grow lights still be able to light up;

7, XPES induction light grow  have a stable output, product standardization has reached and can instantly start. Which for many customers is very important, no predetermined time lighting, can save time, improve efficiency;

8, XPES induction grow lamp through electromagnetic induction light, so the heat generated less than other lights, when it's hot, your plant will not let the lights burn out due to heat dissipation and lighting;

9, XPES magnetic induction grow light has reached 96 lumens per watt efficiency rating, at the same brightness than other lights, induction grow lights can also help you save more electricity;

How long should the grow light open ?
This depends on the type of plants and whether you have natural sunlight available to your garden. As a general rule, when you are in a vegetative stage of 
600 watt grow light and you have no natural sunlight, run your lights 14-18 hours a day. If you have natural sunlight, it will vary because the sunlight may or may not be direct. It will take a little experimenting to find the best length of time to run your lights. If you are actively fruiting and flowering, the rule is to run your lights 12 hours a day if you have no natural light.

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