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Magnetic Induction Grow Lights : Do it work?

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Magnetic Induction Grow Lights : Do it work?
Induction Grow Lights For Growing Medicinal plants
Indoor medicinal plant growers are always looking for the best way to increase their yields without having to increase the money spent on the grow. And tuning into the perfect medicinal plant grow lights for your setup is one of the best ways to maximize your yields.
But which grow light do you choose? How do you deal with heat or ventilation? What will make it easiest for you to grow? It can be tough to control heat and electricity use with many grow lights, and it's tempting to listen to marketers that claim to have all the answers for you.
And in recent years there has been a lot of marketing for magnetic induction & plasma grow lights for growing medicinal plants.
Are induction grow lights the answer to bigger yields with less heat and electricity?
These all use a similar type of technology to produce light.
But do these lights live up to the marketing hype?
When growing medicinal plant, Induction Grow Lights can be a good option for supplemental lighting, but are not a good option as a main light source for medicinal plants.There are a few different induction grow light models appearing on the market today. These “new” grow lights are supposedly longer-lasting and more efficient than any other grow light.
Supposedly induction lights
get bigger yields than MH/HPS
use less electricity
produce almost no heat
...ultimately they're supposed to give you better results and bigger yields when growing medicinal plant.
induction grow light

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