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How to choose induction high bay lighting fixtures?

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Nowadays, there is a great deal of manufacturers of induction high bay lighting fixtures with a difference in the quality and manufacture environment of the product.Its important to purchase a right quality of induction high bay lighting fixtures to satisfy our project demands.Following elements is what we need to add into consideration.
induction high bay lighting fixtures
Power Factor: power factor is a fondation parameter as to a induction high bay lighting fixtures which reflects the life span of a manufactured product.High power factor signed long life span of a equipment or else,we need to confirm whether the driver and and circuit design works well.
Heat dissipation: a sucessful heat dissipation system could improve product quality and extend fixture lifespan.the techenique of heat dissipation incude three main methods:Metal cooling technology for low wattage,Finned aluminum heat sink and high power series adopt phase change technologyfor high power.
Energy saving and maintainance: the maintainance is the most important for a huge luminaire is so diffcult to maintance a deal of inferior products that we should choose an reliable supplier at the begining.We need take a consideration of energy consumption when we are going to start a lighting program for it save much while a high quality energy efficiency lighting system works well.

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