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What's the main features of induction lamps?

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1. Very long lifespan compared to conventional HID lamps and LED’s, almost indefinite on the lamp itself but between 60,000 – 100,000 hours for internal inductor induction lamps depending on lamp model and electronics.

2. Induction lamps have a high energy conversion efficiency ranging from 60l/w – 90l/w in high wattage models (high power lamps are more energy efficient).

3. Induction lights provide incredible energy savings of between 35%-75% in most applications.

4. Typically induction lamps are guaranteed for 5 years but with a life expectancy of between 60,000 -100,000 hours(6.8 and 11.5 years of 24/7 operation) they subsequently reduce maintenance and re-lamping costs.

5. Induction lamps have excellent lumen maintenance characteristics that is very minimal Lumen depreciation (declining light output with age) compared to other lamp types as filament evaporation and depletion is absent. Producing higher light output for much longer than competing lighting technologies.

6. Induction lamps are “instant on” and initiate between 70%-80% of output and take 40 -120 seconds to reach full output. This makes induction lights an excellent choice when using PIR and motion/occupancy sensors.

7. Induction lamps have a “hot re-strike” (instant re-start) eliminating the slow re-start of a typical HID lighting technologies.

8. Induction lights operate at high frequencies (2.65MHZ) and are flicker free reducing eyestrain and improving work safety.

9. Induction lamps have a high Scotopic/Photopic (SP) ratio which improves visual accuracy, reduces fatigue and eyestrain , they are bright, broad source, flicker free with less glare than conventional lamps thereby improving working conditions.

10. Induction lamps are environmentally friendly containing only solid amalgam mercury which is easily recyclable, some other commercial lamps contain hazards liquid or gasses mercury. All the other glass and metal components can be recycled at end- of -lamp life.

11. Induction lamps use the least amount of mercury of any lamp technology and use less mercury per hour of operation than conventional lighting.

12. Induction lamps are presently less costly to purchase than LED lamps

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