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80w-200w induction grow lamp
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80w-200w induction grow lamp

    Brand Name: XPES
    Category: Induction grow light for flowering stage
    Origin:Foshan city, China
    Application: Agricultural construction, vegetable cultivation, fruit cultivation, cannabis cultivation
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XPES 80w-200w induction grow lamp
200w grow light
Induction grow lamp produces little heat and can work at relatively extreme temperatures without problems. 

Which makes them suitable for seasonal changes in the temperature of the climate. An application of two LED lights and induction grow lamp is seldom considered in cold storage. The traditional bulb consumes 98% of the energy when heating the filament. The heat is then distributed to the surrounding area, which makes the cooling system more difficult to compensate. The use of induction grow lamp produces little heat, thereby reducing the energy consumption of the lighting system and reducing the consumption of your cooling system, thereby saving your company's money. The same idea translates into industrial or commercial facilities where the use of less heat generating lighting systems can also save air conditioning, ventilation and cooling costs.150w grow light
XPES induction grow lamp are ideal for medical plants, flowers growing, vegetables planting, indoor agricultural buildings and many other places. 

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XPES has 8 years experience in manufacturing 80-200W induction grow lamp and has been engaged in induction grow lamp engineering over 8 years. You can contact us for free! Contact:


induction grow lamp
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200w Induction Grow Light
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XPES has worldwide business partners. What are you waiting for? Come and join us!

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XPES has European and American mainstream lighting electrical certifications and has obtained independent R&D patent.
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