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Germicidal uv lamps - gas treatment
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Germicidal uv lamps - gas treatment

    Brand Name:XPES
    Origin:Foshan city, China
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 Germicidal uv lamps - gas treatment

submersible uv lights
high power uv light
Germicidal uv lamps

UV disinfection is a physical process which does not add any substance to the air, no side effects, it is better than it chlorination place.
High Output UV Lamps

uv disinfection lamp

High-power ultraviolet disinfection is ultraviolet (uv) exposure, damage and change the microbial DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) structure, so that the bacteria can not reproduce or killed immediately, to achieve sterilization purposes.

The bactericidal effect is truly UVC ultraviolet radiation, as C-band ultraviolet (UV) absorption DNA of the organism is susceptible, especially ultraviolet light of about 253.7nm (UV) best.

UV disinfection is purely physical disinfection method, which is simple and convenient, broad spectrum, no secondary pollution, easy to manage and realize the advantages of automation.

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400w uvQuestion and answer
Q: What is the XPES professional lighting standards for factory?

A: 1. High color rendering index (CRI) reaching up 80, which easy to identify the observed object, and reduce the defective rate

    2. Soft and average light, which help to protect workers vision, easy to focused on attention, and improve work efficiency

    3. Can work on poor environments, such as from ambient temperature -35 - +50, from ambient temperature can reach up 85%

    4. Long lifespan reaching up 100,000 hours, because it have an excellent heat dissipation, and the working temperature will not decide by power

    5. Low maintenance costs with patented light design, which ease to install and insure to keep the production safety


Q: Can we get support if we have our own market position, and how about OEM provide?

A: We can provide you OEM with your LOGO, packing box, sticker all can be produced as customized

Please inform us your detailed mind on your market demand, we will discuss and propose helpful suggestion for you, to find the best solution for you

Q: How to pay?

A: 1. 30% down payment, the balance 70% will be paid before delivery

    2. PayPal

    3. Western Union

    4. L/C at sight

Q: Can I get sample before place orders?

A: Sure, the sample charge will be back to you when you place an order formally. So that is mean you will get a free sample

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Germicidal uv lamps

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