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150W supermarket lighting project

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Supermarket Lighting - Converting over to Induction lamp

Supermarket Lighting

Lighting in Supermarkets is a big deal. 100's of shoppers visit the store every day and its the goal of the supermarket to present the food in the best possible manner. 

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supermarket lighting


Saving money with induction lamps means nothing unless the quality of the light meets the requirement necessary to produce the necessary high quality of light. This is called Color Rendering Index, or CRI for short, and it is the standard by which the quality of light is measured. 

Thankfully, induction lamps by default have lone lifespan, how long do you really need? Most standard LED products work last 50,000 hours, but for induction lamps can up to 100,000 hours. For supermarket lighting, we suggest induction lamps to be the perfect option due to the flexibility and quality of light they offer.

Supermarket Lighting Fixtures typically consist of rows of fluorescent lighting hung directly over the aisle or Metal Halide High Bays suspended from the ceiling. In either case, our supermarket induction lighting solutions allow you to either replace or retrofit your existing fixtures.



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