High power UV germicidal lamp choose which product is better?



High power UV germicidal lamp choose which product is better?

XPES specializing in the production of high-power lamp UV light for seven years, 300W, 400W, 500W, 1000W are 2014 newly developed product - water-power lamp in the water without any external quartz tube germicidal lamps, sterilization the effect of 100%, lamp life 50-70 thousands hours of service life of about 24,000 hours ballast.

Lamp UV germicidal lamp can also handle a variety of industrial waste gas and air purification and other fields. Future various processing equipment will have eliminated extreme ultraviolet lamp. There are extreme ultraviolet germicidal lamp life is usually only about 8000 hours, for use on a variety of devices; high maintenance costs, ineffective Qi and other factors, while the use of UV germicidal lamp Promise 5 years; UV attenuation only about 20%. As your high-tech products, plus unique domestic high-tech giant polar UV germicidal lamp, it is not more scientific and technological content! Suitable for all exhaust gas treatment; paint waste gas treatment, chemical waste gas treatment, rubber waste gas treatment, landfill gas treatment, gas treatment farms, fish processing plant waste gas, waste gas produced by sewage treatment, hospitals and a variety of produce exhaust gas cleaning and the like. Apply water; sewage treatment, drinking water projects, water disinfection, wastewater decolorization, TOC and VOC removal and the like.

Select XPES, is to choose the best results!

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