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Guangdong Xingpu Energy Saving Light Co.,Ltd.(XPES) was established in 2009, it's a technology enterprise engaged in research and development, production and sales of ultraviolet lamps. The main products are: ultraviolet lamp (assembly line sterilization lamp, central air conditioning sterilization lamp, fresh air system sterilization lamp, food factory sterilization lamp, etc.), and supporting ultraviolet electronic ballast.
XPES has passed CCC certification in China, CETLus certification in North America, CE certification in European Union, KC certification in South Korea, FCC certification in the United States, RoHs certification in The European Union, SAA certification in Australia, and obtained more than 30 patents.

XPES UV Germicidal Lamp Factory

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Services and Expertise

As a professional supplier of Germicidal UV Lamp, XPES make custom UV Germicidal Lamp Tubes based on the lamp shape, lamp length, lamp diameter, lamp base, and even the lamp socket and UV ballast - flexible options to make it special and compatible. OEM services for products and packaging are also available.


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High power UV germicidal lamp choose which product is better?

XPES specializing in the production of high-power lamp UV light for seven years, 300W, 400W, 500W, 1000W are 2014 newly developed product - water-power lamp in the water without any external quartz tube germicidal lamps,

  • High output uv lamps technology developments keeping up with wastewater treatment solution

    In the second part of the XPES series that compares technology offerings from manufacturers, we address the growing technology of Ultraviolet Treatment. We ask how manufacturers are keeping pace with micropollutants and

  • Several factors affecting the bactericidal effect of ultraviolet light

    Through research and exploration ultraviolet disinfection effect of several factors, we found that application advantages Guangdong Star Pu-power high-intensity ultraviolet UV lamp is very practical.   UV dose &n

  • Does XPES uv lamp produce ozone?

    No, XPES devices do not produce ozone or other secondary contaminants.  Recovery from the harmful effects can occur following short-term exposure to low levels of ozone, but health effects may become more damaging a


Everything was easy to understand and they were very helpful the transaction was easy also and very fast and efficient , i was very satisfied with the product.

Malina Alex

Co-of officer

Great packaging, no defect and damage. Delivery was fast and it has very affordable price.

Malina Alex

Co-of officer

Very impressive supplier. Best manufacturer I ever met. I have to say, they are the best manufacturer of induction UVC light in China. High quality, fast delivery time. thanks the inspection from engineer Mao and Judy's patience. I am glad to have cooperated with them.

Malina Alex

Co-of officer

Product arrived within 10 days of placing order. From Hong Kong to Canada. Excellent. The lamps are very bright in comparison to other similar lamps of the same wattage. Excellent. The ozone version is powerful enough to notice almost immediately. Excellent. 

Malina Alex

Co-of officer

This is a great company to work with. They have excellent products and customer service. Vivian was easy to communicate with and made sure that I was please with the product. I would definitely purchase from this provider again! Thank you.

Malina Alex

Co-of officer