• 100W UV Lamp Driver
  • 100W UV Lamp Driver
  • 100W UV Lamp Driver
  • 100W UV Lamp Driver
    100W UV Lamp Driver
    100W UV Lamp Driver

    100W UV Lamp Driver

    XPES is a global exporting UV lamp driver manufacturer, focusing on the R&D of UV light tubes and ballast, UV lamp sterilizers, and other customized cost-effective products, which are well-designed by xpes technical team.
    Our solutions have earned patents and awards because they reduce indoor air pollutants, energy consumption, maintenance costs, and carbon footprint. Scientific research, rigorous testing, and relentless innovation stand behind every UV lighting&ballast solution we design and build.

    100W UV Lamp Driver

    uv lamp driver
    uv lamp driver


    • Product Size : 215mm*43mm*32mm

    Electrical Parameters

    • Lamp Power : 100W
    • Input Current : 0.7-1.1A
    • Lamp Current : 0.8-0.9A

    Features of the Ballast

    • Power Factor : 0.9
    • Working Temperature : 0~40℃ (32~104℉)
    • Warranty : 1 Year


    • Net Weight : 0.275 kg
    • Quantity of One Box : 35 Pieces/Box
    • Carton Size : 420mm*280mm*165mm
    • Gross Weight : 9.975kg

    UV Disinfection Lamp Factory

    XPES is an international manufacturer of advanced high power germicidal uv lamp for a wide range of air and surface treatment applications. Founded in 2003 to solve the the problem of UV Disinfection, today it has grown into an professional manufacturer with more than 2000+ industry cases worldwide.

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